I speak this with kindness: My weight gain is none of your business

People should try hard to think of better conversation starters than pointing out someone’s weight.

Recently, I posted a photo on my Instagram account. It is a photo of myself in front of the stage where one of my favorite bands will be performing later that day the photo was taken. The post was a simple gratitude post for my experience, which I will cherish for a lifetime.

I don’t usually post a lot on my social media, but love using Instagram, although my account is kept hidden as I don’t put my name on it so no one will be able to find it unless people ask for my handle. My account was set to public then.

A day after I posted said photo, one of my high school classmates commented on my post. (You see, I don’t follow him, but I think he follows me and probably found my account when I cross-posted an Instagram photo on my Facebook feed a long-time ago.)

There are three things that can be deciphered from his short but sweet comment. He was in 1) surprise/shock that I gained weight 2) that he couldn’t help but point it out to me, and 3) he thought it was funny.

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