Living In My Head Full Of Dreams

I braved all there is to brave to watch Coldplay LIVE and up close in Singapore’s massive stadium – stepping out of my head full of dreams and for a moment, living in it. Continue reading Living In My Head Full Of Dreams


“I would like to kindly ask that you respect my Quiet, please and thank you.”

Why do people assume there’s something wrong with you when you are too quiet?

I always find myself lost in thought even before I knew I am an introvert. But being lost in thought doesn’t mean I don’t pay close attention to what is happening around me. In fact, I go deeper into what is required of me. I carefully study situations to be able to, later on, provide better responses, suggestions, or solutions to problems. Continue reading “I would like to kindly ask that you respect my Quiet, please and thank you.”

I wish I knew when I was a kid that I am an introvert

First-day-of-class introductions were my biggest nightmare in school. I only hoped I could skip it, or that my teachers would forget that I was even present…or existed. I would practice how I’d state my name in my head over and over and over until it was my turn to speak. I remember stuttering, or speaking too loud or too soft but never doing it the right way. It was an additional discomfort when teachers ask students to “Describe yourself!” as that would mean I had to talk for five more seconds.

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What La La Land taught me about dreams and foolish dreamers

How does it feel to venture into the unknown? I wonder. I wonder how it is to be in the struggling end, and to choose to stay there when you have a choice to be in a secure place, a place where your future is clearly laid down for you.

I have always had huge dreams. I wanted to become a writer, a musician, a lyricist, a storyteller. Almost impossible to achieve as I am so far from being any of those things.

Placing my dreams aside to pursue things I thought would fulfill me just the same, but never did, I have ran out of excuses on why I am not yet a writer or a musician or a lyricist or a storyteller. Maybe I’m just too scared; too scared of failing, of being called foolish.

I watched La La Land and it felt like the movie was written specifically for me.

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Of music, concerts, and feelings

Music is everything to me. I live and breathe to listen to great music. And concerts are my pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

This year, I have so far been to six international concerts, which is a great number considering I hardly get to go to even one concert in the past years. I have been “deprived” of going to concerts when I was younger due to a lack of funding. That slight deprivation turned out to be a good thing after all. I get to experience my favorite artists now, watch and listen to them perform my favorite songs LIVE, and honestly, it doesn’t get any sweeter than being able to live in moments I have only dreamed of when I was little.

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One True Nightingale

A Star who is looked up to by so many individuals, a Nightingale singing in our hearts, and a true Warrior in every sense of the word.

Demi Lovato tugged at the heartstrings of her Filipino fans, Thursday night, as she brought her Demi World Tour to Manila. As soon as the lights dimmed inside the Mall Of Asia Arena, the fans screamed in anticipation of the now brunette singer and former Disney actress. I only used to watch her shows on TV and stream her performances on YouTube, and now I got to see her in person and listen to her beautiful voice LIVE, imagine the excitement I was feeling at that moment (and am feeling now and will be feeling from here on in every time I think of my #DemiWorldTourMNL experience).

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Never Seen Anything Quite Like The Script

Third time’s the charm!

That worked not just for the Irish rock band, who already charmed their Filipino fans the first time they performed in Manila, but for me most especially. The Script’s third time in Manila was the first LIVE The Script concert I have been to in my life, and it certainly wouldn’t be my last. I have only daydreamed of this moment ever since 2008, those days when people only recognize their songs but do not know who the lads are, how they look like, or what their story is.

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