Living In My Head Full Of Dreams

I braved all there is to brave to watch Coldplay LIVE and up close in Singapore’s massive stadium – stepping out of my head full of dreams and for a moment, living in it.

I braved the planes, the lines, the hours waiting to get in the stadium, the mosh pit with the crowd of people all standing too close to me, and the heat and sweat that came along with it. All these were nothing compared to the utmost joy and exuberance Coldplay and their music had brought me ever since the first time I listened to them.

I was in college when I only started exploring Coldplay’s music. I have heard about Coldplay countless times before that, but during those years, I only listen to mellow love songs and my music taste hadn’t expanded yet. I often hear and find my classmates referencing the band. During one activity we’ve done, one classmate wrote the band’s song Yellow as the thing he remembers when hearing the word yellow or seeing the color yellow. That got me to listen to the song.

The first full album I bought of Coldplay was Ghost Stories, and I fell in love with Ink. When Spotify became popular, I would often listen to the playlist Your Favorite Coffeehouse when I sleep in the afternoon. That was where I first heard the song Strawberry Swing, and I began listening to the band’s older songs since then.

An air of excitement loomed whilst waiting for the band to take on the stage at the Singapore National Stadium. As soon as the countdown started, everyone chimed in, shouting every second much louder than the last. After the intro video was played, all went black in the stadium, the xylobands lit up in bright red, and everyone reacted with screams, but they were much more than noise, the crowd sounded like they were singing a note on high E. From where I was standing, it looked and sounded glorious. It was nothing I have ever seen or heard before. I see all those people, nearly 60,000 of them, that night, I am one with them, and we are united by one band’s music. Everything felt surreal, it was mind-blowing.

It was just the first song and the band already popped their first set of confetti. At that moment, I thought to myself, what more could I have asked for?

© 2017 Pixy Camille.

I don’t know how Coldplay does it, how the band is able to connect with the fans from the ones in the front row to those far back, all with different backgrounds and origins, all who flew from different parts of Asia and the world just to be with the band on their kick-off show in the region.

Every whooo aaahhhh ooohhh was sung along to. No one was holding back.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe experience was nothing short of beautiful and extraordinary and positive and uplifting. I don’t know what to feel exactly at that moment. I could see Chris, Johnny, Guy, and Will so clearly. They were an arm’s reach. I could see how their faces were outlined. And they were all smiling, all focused on their mission, which is to bring happiness to people through their music. They were an inspiration to look at. I was in awe.

Coldplay songs are never not about love. Coldplay always sings about love. Love for a neighbor. Love for a friend. Love for family. Love for the one. Love that encompasses. Love that surrounds all.

Coldplay’s music is one that unites people of all ages, all races, all genders, and sexual preferences. Even their saddest, most heart-wrenching songs see light through them. There’s always a glimmer of hope, always a positive outlook to hold on to. Coldplay’s music teaches people to not surrender, to keep on going, to live, to give, and to love.

When you’re in pain
When you think you’ve had enough

Don’t ever give up

– Up & Up, Coldplay

The author started writing this post on April 13, 2017, and only decided to finish and publish it over a year later, on June 16, 2018. The author really has a hard time finishing articles closest to her heart. Does this happen to other writers too?


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