What La La Land taught me about dreams and foolish dreamers

How does it feel to venture into the unknown? I wonder. I wonder how it is to be in the struggling end, and to choose to stay there when you have a choice to be in a secure place, a place where your future is clearly laid down for you.

I have always had huge dreams. I wanted to become a writer, a musician, a lyricist, a storyteller. Almost impossible to achieve as I am so far from being any of those things.

Placing my dreams aside to pursue things I thought would fulfill me just the same, but never did, I have ran out of excuses on why I am not yet a writer or a musician or a lyricist or a storyteller. Maybe I’m just too scared; too scared of failing, of being called foolish.

I watched La La Land and it felt like the movie was written specifically for me.

La La Land is a tribute to dreamers; the dreamers who continue to dream despite being kicked back down; the dreamers who believe things will work out the way they should, if only they wait; the dreamers who fight every single day, not minding the universe’s countless slaps in their faces; the dreamers deemed foolish by many and admired by few.

Most importantly, La La Land is a tribute to the ones who listened and bowed to society’s opinions, who set their dreams aside to live the life they do not want but others approve of. To the sad dreamers who got tired of dreaming, to those whose ability to imagine had vanished, to those real foolish ones.

i.e. ME. And probably YOU, too.

The movie struck a chord in the hearts of hungry dreamers; it left a pinching pain in my chest. I want to be Mia and Seb. Honestly, I don’t know if I can do what they did, what the Mias and Sebs of this world are doing – fighting every day for what they have always wanted with no certainty if they’re going to get it, and when they’re going to get it. But I at least want to give it a try.

Yes, it may seem foolish to many when one does not conform to what society has taught. But we live our own lives and we should be able to live it the way we want to live it. Why do we always feel too scared and ashamed to wear our dreams on our sleeves? We should live in a world where we can wear our dreams proud, regardless if people approve or not.

At the end of the day, these dreams and these lives are ours.

If we have a dream, if we care enough to dream, we are not foolish. Those who forget, nay, refuse to dream are the real foolish ones.


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