One True Nightingale

A Star who is looked up to by so many individuals, a Nightingale singing in our hearts, and a true Warrior in every sense of the word.

Demi Lovato tugged at the heartstrings of her Filipino fans, Thursday night, as she brought her Demi World Tour to Manila. As soon as the lights dimmed inside the Mall Of Asia Arena, the fans screamed in anticipation of the now brunette singer and former Disney actress. I only used to watch her shows on TV and stream her performances on YouTube, and now I got to see her in person and listen to her beautiful voice LIVE, imagine the excitement I was feeling at that moment (and am feeling now and will be feeling from here on in every time I think of my #DemiWorldTourMNL experience).

What better way to kick-off the party than by starting the night with Really Don’t Care, an upbeat song that could be sung to past lovers or almost lovers who have wasted your time and their chances, or for people who you just wouldn’t give a damn to anymore.  Everyone playfully screamed to the OH OH OH parts in the chorus (yep, especially the guys seated behind us, which I found good funny), and to Demi’s invitation, fans happily and impressively sang Cher Lloyd’s lines.

The stage wasn’t anything grand, there was no big production number, there were only the stage lights that set whatever the song’s mood was, and just Demi Lovato, with her powerful vocals that brought the place on fire, as she belted out her hits so gracefully and so effortlessly.

Demi, looking as flawless as ever, danced and moved on-stage in the sexiest but classiest and sassiest way. Her confidence exuding, showing how comfortable she is with her self and with her body, and even removing her blazers to showcase her toned arms.

It was a nice sight for me; witnessing how Demi Lovato owned the stage with her every song, inspiring everyone in the audience –which is mostly comprised of kids and teenagers who have tagged their parents along, each having different personalities, some even donning dyed hair in tribute to Demi– to love themselves and stay true to who they really are.

The highlight of the night for me was watching Demi Lovato perform Skyscraper, one of her songs that speaks to me the most, the song that has gotten me through the roughest moments of my life. I guess it’s normal for a huge fan and a music lover like me to get emotional during concerts, because I tend to nearly cry almost every time.

Closing the show with Neon Lights that got me and my sister jumping in our areas, the night ended with a bang! Honestly, we were begging for more after Demi Lovato left the stage. We just couldn’t get enough of the concert and of Demi!

“I may not be in your country every day, but my music is.” – Demi Lovato

It was definitely a night worth remembering, and Demi Lovato’s words and her music will always stay with me.

Thank you, Demi!!!


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